It’s been an interesting summer so far with the weed coming up fairly thick again and the natural food in abundance. Despite this the fish have still been willing to feed on anglers baits and this has been proven by a number of anglers who have really filled it in and had great results. We are currently engaged in our second annual weed cut with the weed boat here for another week of cutting and removing. Personally I’m a fan of weed it’s a brilliant feature that gives you an obvious target and if you fish well you will catch fish. Towards autumn and winter when the weed starts to die off that’s a worrying time as the oxygen can crash very easily with all that dying plant matter and this is one of the main reasons we look to remove as much as we can before Autumn really kicks in.

I have also been alarmed with the amount of fish anglers have lost this year and it shows that many anglers don’t know how to deal with a fish that’s been weeded up. Farlows in particular has areas where the weed is heavier but there are no areas that are unfishable and my personal view is that anglers are losing fish because they have no patience, are using line that isn’t up to the job or they are making serious errors like having a loose clutch or slackening the line off. It’s so important that anglers understand the basics of fishing in weedy conditions as the fish can get seriously damaged if we get it wrong, weed fishing should be approached the same way as snag fishing in my opinion.

Onto the fishing itself, there have been some good hits although most of the smaller fish have been getting in on the action with the far bigger fish seemingly recuperating on naturals. Mark Rosam visited again and he as usual did very well during his week session. Mark had over 30 bites landing 24 fish to over 31lbs. Mark kept the bait going in and after 40kg of boilies he eventually run out, he stated to me that he would have caught more if he’d had more! There have been loads of fish up to the upper 20s out from lake 1 and lake 2 has been fishing well with some unbelievable lookers coming out. The lake 2 fish are certainly gaining weight at a very steady rate and its actually getting hard to tell some of them apart from the originals they are so dark! Lake 3 has been providing sport for kids and adults alike so if you fancy a day of catching carp up to around 8lb on light gear then give lake 3 a go, it’s been lovely to see so many children learning from their parents and have a great time.

In other news the building is underway and while we will have a bit of a building site on herons point for a while it will be a great result in the end.

See you soon