Lake 2 was originally part of the main lake however a channel was put in separating the then 35 acre pit and creating a standalone venue of some 6 acres plus.

The lake serves as an ideal leisure water with action a plenty as these young naive Carp have in many cases never seen a hook.Again simple tactics work very well, Boilies and Carp pellet being the going method. Be ready for a sleepless night as large hauls of fish are common place on Lake 2!

This water holds Pike, Perch, Roach, Bream, Tench and Eels. The Pike have been caught to well over 25lbs and they offer excellent sport through the winter. 

When the channel was put in many Carp where trapped in the match lake and these have been landed up to 36lbs. In addition to the original stock, 400 Carp weighing between 5lbs and 18.5lbs were added to the lake in 2013 followed by another 20 Carp weighing 13lbs – 17lbs from VS Fisheries. The total Carp stock is estimated to be 500 plus.


There are very large shoals of Roach to 3lbs plus, the Bream, go to well over double figures and the Tench are regularly caught to 9lbs plus.